Learning Principles for Improving Your CSS (linked!)

CSS is an extremely simple language. It can be summed up in 3 words: selector, property, value. Nothing more, really. This is why some people don’t like CSS at all: because they feel like children playing with LEGOs.

Yup. Explain the basics of CSS to a 9 years old child and he or she will be able to create a website. Not a complex one I agree, but maybe a few pages with headers, links, content, images, and such.

But the fact that CSS is an easy language doesn’t mean everyone is on the same level. Some people use CSS like a chimp uses a fork, some people are okay to good with it, and some people can do magic with it.

Yes, there is lot of things to know about it. One more thing, Its not a programming language. Its a styler with no competitor or alternative.

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Simple but must needed CSS troubleshooting tips (linked!)


Styling elements is not only a visual treat, it turns to the nightmare if we don’t tackle simple issues with CSS.

The issues with CSS looks simple on paper, but the problem comes when you experience it…

But a little practice on the same issues will make you more comfortable working with CSS.

Below is the tips for troubleshooting the main and frustrating CSS issues. But a simple prescribe makes you convenient…